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 Frances McArthur has taken a teaching position in Shrewsbury, England, and is shocked to see a face from her past at the school: Max Fahey. Ten years earlier (and on the other side of the Atlantic in Atchison, Kansas) Max had been her classmate, neighbor, rival, and the only son of the wealthiest family in their small town. When Max’s beautiful--but temperamental--girlfriend was murdered, all eyes turned to him. Then Max and his family disappeared and haven’t been seen since. Despite the realization he is a man wanted for murder back home, Frances is falling for Max. Now Frances must decide if she should trust the facts of the cold case and report Max’s whereabouts to the police or trust her own heart which tells her Max couldn’t possibly be a murderer. 

What readers are saying

“Amy Leigh’s settings are immersive and leave me longing to visit the places she describes. Whether it’s a cozy 1940’s kitchen in Atchison, Kansas or an all-boys boarding school in small-town England, it’s clear Amy Leigh has done her research in bringing these locales to life.” – Amber Logan

"I loved this book! The romance made me feel like I was falling in love along with the characters and the mystery that tied Max and Frances together was full of page-turning surprises until the end. I'll definitely be reading more from [Amy Leigh] Harden!" -Jen Smith

"Amy Leigh writes a romantic mystery that grips the reader with concern for Max at the beginning and continues to the very end. Should we be rooting for a killer? We can only know by getting to know him and this author doesn't disappoint. Gripping and emotional." - Lisa Daly


In a dilapidated mansion following the horrors of the Great War, Jean takes on the role of nanny to the recently widowed Lord Gibson's daughter, hoping no one will discover her own secret before she can uncover what really happened to Lord Gibson’s wife.


In the waning days of Occupied Paris, Evie must decide if her loyalties lie with her beloved England or her heart, before Heinrich, a shy young German soldier billeted with her French foster family, is torn away by the Allied invasion.


After returning home from the trenches, the recently widowed James has to both find a way to hold his father-in-law accountable for his dishonorable acts during the war, and reconcile with his parents for his own actions when he jilted his childhood friend at the altar ten years earlier.

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